Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Perla Mendoza

Ap Lit

November 4th, 2009

Zamierowski P: 4

Poetry Analysis Hawk Roastin/Golen Retrievals

Golden retrievals and hawk Raosting" unboastingly expatriate on their saturated point of views and stress; emphasize to an extended degree, the sense and sensibility they feel theier duties carry out in respect to their self worth and the world.Both poems use extended metaphors, parallel structure and emphasize on self-righteousness to declare; justify this voice and highlight theier views.

The hawk's view contradicts with that of the dog's view because the hawk has this compelling emphasis on egoism and sees the world as his own; "...whole of creation to my foot, my every ffeather/ now I hold creation in my foot," he demands the respect and successfully takes authority by bending its rules as if "air's buoyancy and the sun's rays" were set out in correlation to work at his own advantage. The dog's view rests less hefty, the "residue" as prodcut to the humans' unsettledconcerns, nuisances, distress and anxiety yet reflects a meditative/ruminated aura and he projects that very clearly through the author's tone and diction.

The dog empahizes how the everyday symptons/disturbias of his own disturb their everyday walks. The dog's "voice" elucidates the humans' easy access to lacking happiness in transition to hiw own nonchalant blaseness; immunity to their self-criticism; completly nehlectant to their mood as if oblivious, yet conscious of their activity. the dog highlights how well the human "dwells and sinks" as an effect to personal issues" "half way through the walk," [they're either] "sunk in the past thinking of what you can never bring back" and the "fog of concern for tomorrow" prancing around their conscience as if lingering above their heads. This contrast highlight how easy it is for himot feel content by accepting the way things are, for what they are rather than bein destructive by allowing stress and dissatisfaction to overwhelm them wholey.

what drives the hawk is his own self interest and the dog clearly doesn't allow herself to be distracted by the humdrum of his owner's routine. They both reocgnize that they have duties. The k-9 recognizes his importance and respects while acknowledgint hat his job really makes a difference in his owner's life; the necessity and the influence above all. The Hawk is only convinced "that the sun is behind" him, he is convinced everything is his: "My flight is direct through the bones/of the living/no arguements assert my right," "nothing has changed since I began and he doesn't expect it to change, while the day understands that it's because of his consistent "bow -wow bow - wow bow - wow" is the indication that snaps his owner back to reality and into rationality, but he's making a critique, he's criticizing how we ourselves allow ourselves to feel deranged by our won worries; anxieties; allowing ourselves to fall victim under those circumstances, that nuisance; a product to somehting we solemnly consrtuct ourselves, regardless to it's inevitablitity; there is no sweet escape from our horrors.

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