Thursday, December 3, 2009

kitties in the neighborhood don't seem to like me, probably can smell cat allergy all over my fingers. WELL MY BODY DOESN''T LIKE YOU TOO.

Laura Thompson, Manager of the Centergie Team Houston installed in me an
irreversible passion, a desire, a drive, a devotion that later nourished my
whole being, my sensibilty; my reasoning. I fell under a mental eclipse.
Her dedication as a passionate swimming instructor for the Braeswood communitymost inevitably changed me. She introduced to me a wide range ofappreciation
and respect for truly honest, solicitious people, illustrating how important
it was to believe in people; the potential to their magnitude, the product to
that radiation and it's potential to triumphantly reciprocate.
She installed in me a wisdom, shared among women, a confidence, that is so
graciously earned and shared through trust and confidentiality. She taught me
what it meant to believe in myself, this, a factor i would not have managed to
succeed in if it hadn't been for her exceedingly difficult, vigorous training
and delight. It was then that a love for this sport aspired in me too.
Those multiple 2nd and 1st place wins were nothing in comparison to her
significance in my life. She's highlighted what it means to value onesself.
How, you are what you create; that it's never too late.
By establishing this disclipline I've cultivated a reasoning that allows me to
nurture myself. Gaining this self knowledge, i've metamorphosed a brighter,
more goal minded and socially aware self. Laura continues to amaze me.I've grown very fond of the way she takes control of situations, the way
private dilemnas fail to linger her conscience; her heavy thoughts take a
back seat. She makes health her priority and through her I learned that the
most important relationship is the one you carry with yourself.

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