Thursday, December 3, 2009

"No...of course i'm not embarassed by you" COLLEGE APP ESSAY


Joining the swim team was probably the most brilliant idea I've ever had, its

impact in my life; immense. That "varisty swim team" magnificently ostentatious
title became my most celebrated experience thus far. That discipline, the
vigorous workouts, that intense and exceedingly difficult training because of
my inability to swim; I'd signed up for the swim team. An hour and half
practice starting at 6 am. I increased to 3,000 yards. Swim meets installed in
me, such a thrill, a thrill so reluctantly intense it would leisurely evolve
into fear, but Swimming became my passion, my life. Having 5 different AP
classes to entice myself with, swimming became my relief; my love; my first
love a substitute; a substitute to the pressure, hassle, nervous tension and
tautness. Enacting without a passion is effortlessly inadequate just as an
action without a motive is rendered useless. Swimming allowed me to grow,
gain self knowledge, cultivated more comfortable in my skin, my spirit expanded
enciting that passion. Looking back at 2009, joining the swim team changed my
life. "Our lives are distinguished by opportunities. Even the ones we miss,"
now this one was my majorette of major inadvertencies, but now me without my
swimming history, is like Lemonade without sugar; an essential ingredient. I'd
made my way into february, dropping 26 seconds on my 100 Freestyle.Jealousy was
then introduced. I was offered a place in the District meet, a girl on the swim
team later ruined that for me. Insensible about this fact until the summer, It
wasn't until summer league, where I began beating her every time at every
event. Every last one of them. Those three 2nd place wins that qualified me for
District were over shadowed by the three 3rd place wins, eleven 2nd place wins
and my very own 1stplace win, as a part of the Centergie Team Houston.

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